does size matter?
You bet it does! Extra-small, please...

This is the new low-power stereo rig I've been using with the organ trio. It consists of two fifteen-watt amps and a stereo pedalboard. On the left is a Fender Pro Jr., to the right my converted Champ detailed below.

From right to left, the top row of the pedalboard has an auto-filter, overdrive and octave divider. It then routes to the bottom row into a tuner, phase shifter and chorus. The chorus sends a stereo signal to the delay and reverb, maintaining a discrete stereo signal path throughout. I sometimes use a wah-wah for funk tunes which is connected to the input of the board.

The wah-wah takes its power from a separate utility jack under the board (upper left.) The wire running to the top of the photo is the power supply. The tuner has both power input and output. I've daisy-chained the entire system to take its power from the tuner using only one very small power plug. It's very easy and quick to set up and break down.

This is an even lower powered system for recording. On the left is a tweed Champ I built with my own modifications. To the right is a modded Epiphone Valve Jr. I bought at Guitar Center when they only cost a hundred bucks. These amps only put out around five watts a piece, but sound enormous when recorded.

This is my main rig for gigs without drums. (Most of them, that is to say.) The axe is a late-seventies Gibson L-5 CES. The amp is a Fender Champ converted to push-pull operation, putting out about eighteen watts instead of the usual six. The pedalboard has digital reverb, analog delay, chorus and a tuner, all running off of one power supply. I picked up the music stand in Germany and it’s the smallest I’ve found to date.

Here’s the rear view of the amp, showing the larger output transformer and speaker. (The Champ can fit a 10” speaker as opposed to the original 8”.) The whole thing packs a much greater punch than the original setup without adding significant weight.

This is the entire rig ready for the N.Y.C. subway system. Not too heavy and reasonably maneuverable.

This is my solo/seven-string rig. The guitar is a Dean EVO-7, not bad after a proper setup and better pickups. The amp is a Vibro Champ chassis I rebuilt as a head on top of a Raezer’s Edge 10” closed-back speaker cabinet. It really brings out the low notes for solo guitar.

The rear view of the head shows the very massive power and output transformers and 6L6 output section. The amp puts out around 30 watts, enough to be told to turn down on any New York jazz gig.